Allan McGreal, Chief Executive

A Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, an industry professional having been in aviation all his working life, now an influential and imaginative leader of Corporate Aviation businesses.

In 1999, Allan was appointed CEO of the independent Business Aviation entity – Osprey Aviation. Responsibilities included FBO, Accountable Manager for the AOC, EASA 145 and Part 147 businesses, management of an operating fleet of Hawker 125 and Jetstream aircraft, and MRO to the 125, J31/32/41 & ATP types and numerous GA types including a P&W Authorised PT6 Station and a BAE Authorised Service Centre. The business was successfully acquired by BBA Group as Signature, where Allan was appointed MD.

During the last 10 years, as a business leader, a Change Management and Start-Up Specialist; Allan has been responsible and fully accountable for the £60m concept, delivery and completion of 3 major successful Business Aviation capital projects, taking each into full commercial AOC, MRO & FBO Operations,

Each have progressed to ownership by major network operators from within Business Aviation, the businesses won valuable and widely recognised industry acclaim. The delivered £30m multiple award winning Rizon Jet project, is his latest critical success.

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